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Service Disruption

Posted by: Steve

Late last night into early this morning I performed the last of the badly needed data migrations. This time however things did not go as smoothly as hoped. One of the tables was in an inconsitent state when the site was brought back online. This caused several users to not be able to see their data when they logged in this morning. The problem was corrected around 10:30am PT.

The unfortunate side-effect to this correction is that anyone that entered data between 2:00am to 10:30am this morning probably had that data lost. I do apologize for that. The table has been fixed and you should not have that problem again.

November 13, 2010

Data Migration

Posted by: Steve

Work on updating the WeighTracker site had stalled for over a year. Thankfully, some very kind and inspiring comments from a user encouraged me to return to working to improve things. You might not notice any outward changes, but today all the stored data was migrated to a new schema which should result in lower latencies and faster page loadings. Being stuck mid-stream on that transition is also what was preventing me from fixing several annoying data entry bugs. The problem with not being able to enter new data after a prolonged (>30 day) absence shold now thankfully be fixed.

I'm extremely happy to have that major change behind me. I look forward to continuing to make incremental improvements through the end of the year. I'm particularly happy that I'll finally be able to start making some user facing improvements now that the major outstanding bugs have been fixed.

I'm excited to be back to improving the site and I hope everyone will take this opportunity to get re-energized in their weight-loss efforts as well. I've heard from a couple users making great progress lately and it inspires me to work all the harder myself!

November 6, 2010

Fixing Bugs

Posted by: Steve

Over the last week and a half, we've been steadily rolling out improvements behind the scenes. None of these were new features that you would notice, but small things. Some include: implementing transactions to improve data integrity, reducing file sizes for quicker downloads and better caching on portable devices, and preparations to support longer information articles.

Unfortunately, making these changes sometimes introduces bugs. Last night one user encountered a bug which prevented them from logging their weights. It turns out there was a corner case that worked fine before moving to transactional data storage that now doesn't. I'm rolling out a fix for that problem right now. But the point is that if you are using the site and you get a blank screen, please don't hesistate to use the contact form to let us know that something is broken.

May 20, 2009

New Charts

Posted by: Steve

We have a new feature for your enjoyment. Our previously static weight charts have been upgraded with slightly interactive flash charts. These really cool charts are thanks to the Open Flash Chart project. While everyone has been defaulted to using the new flash charts, if you don't like them you can switch back to the old static chart images through the new preference on your User Settings page.

The new charts are cool, but they are not without some minor bugs. Because our charts are fairly sophisticated we're actually using a pre-release patched development version of the open flash chart object. One of the things I don't care for is the longish animation. Oddly, disabling the animation is one of the features that is broken in our pre-release build. Related to that is the biggest problem that I am aware of. If you move the mouse cursor over the chart while the data is animating in, you can accidentally stick a data point at a position below its intended location. This can give an erroneous trend appearance. To avoid this, don't mouse over the chart while its animating. If you find any other errors or problems don't hesitate to use the Contact page. Hopefully, there won't be too many instances of that.

May 9, 2009


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